Planning your move: Moving home tips

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Start planning your move 6 - 8 weeks before

Moving home can be a whirlwind of mixed emotions. It’s exciting to have a fresh start and step into the next phase of your life. But, with any life transition there may also be feelings of grief and nostalgia when leaving behind a house you loved (or hated!).

Add to that the complexities and logistics of moving home and it can become overwhelming for you and your family.

Planning your move as much as you can ahead of moving day is the key to a smooth home move. Here I take you through my top organising tips for planning your move.

Getting help when you move home

Moving home is complex and time sensitive. Don’t try to do it alone. Engage others to help out. Whether it’s helping declutter and pack, or getting extra hands on the day, every little bit helps.

Researching removalists

Finding a reliable removalist company should be top of your list. The good ones get booked up fast, so do your research early. Word of mouth recommendations are the best. Talk to at least three companies on the phone and trust your instincts. Moving always takes longer than you think. Book them to start as early as possible on the day, so you’re not stuck with unpacking late into the evening.

Childcare and pet care

Kids and pets can get underfoot on moving day and add to the stress. Make sure you have a plan. Can you arrange for someone to do the school drop-off and pick-up for you? Or arrange a play date, or friend or family member to keep them occupied, fed and watered.

More hands make light work

There are lots of jobs to do on move day. Make sure you’re clear on what you want each person to do, so they don’t get in each others way.

Some key jobs you can delegate:

  • Directing the removalists.
  • Setting up the beds and other furniture. Your removalist may provide this service.
  • Unpacking the kitchen, bathrooms and any other essentials for the first night.
  • Someone to look after everyone. They can check in with people, do a coffee and lunch run and order take-out for dinner.
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Planning out your new space before you move in

To make unpacking your new home quick and easy, work out how you’re going to use the new space. And map out exactly where your stuff is going to go.

Define the purpose of each room in your new home

Print out a copy of your new floor plan and work out what the purpose of each room will be. If you’re moving to a bigger place, will you now have a separate play room or home office? Where will this be? If you’re downsizing, will the spare room need to double up as a guest room and craft room?

Now you have a plan, you can start packing according to where it will live in the new home. Label the boxes with the destination room on three sides so its easy for the removalists to see.

Work out where all your furniture will go

Once you’ve got a good idea of the purpose of each room, map out exactly where your existing furniture will go. Measure your furniture and make sure it will actually fit where you want it. Now your removalists can put all the furniture in the right spot on move day.

Don’t forget to check that your fridge and washing machine will fit too. If not, you may need to buy new appliances and get them delivered on moving day. I’ve had people with top loader washing machines move to a place with only a front loader spot.

If you’re downsizing, or if the new place has built-in storage, you may need to let some of your furniture go.

What storage is there in the new house?

If you can, get detailed measurements of the cupboards, shelves and drawers. Will all your bedding and towels fit in the linen cupboard? Are the built-in wardrobes adequate for your needs? Where will your vacuum cleaner go? Which cupboard will fit your Kitchen Aid? Do you need organising products to fit the space?

If nothing else, plan out your kitchen layout and where you’re going to store everything. The kitchen is the busiest room, so once it’s unpacked it’s the hardest room to rearrange. Thinking this through before you move makes unpacking easier and ensures your kitchen is more functional from the start.

Kitchen organisation
Plan your kitchen storage

Start decluttering before you move

Removalists generally charge by the hour, and it always takes longer than you think it will. Do you want to be paying money (and time) to move that pile of magazines you keep meaning to read? Or that collection of glass jars you’ve been hanging onto as they’ll be useful for something?

Moving home is a perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Take time to think about your goals and vision for the next stage in your life. What doesn’t serve you anymore and is time to let go of? What is ready for an upgrade?

Disposing of items

Create piles of items to sell and donate. And research where to dispose of eWaste or other hazardous waste. Consider booking a council clean-up or rubbish removal service to get rid of any other unwanted items.

Remember to start using up food from your pantry & freezer. Be mindful of only buying groceries that you know you will use up before your move. Get rid of out-of-date items and donate anything unopened that you no longer want to a local food pantry.

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Take the stress out of moving home

Move day is always hectic. Taking the time to plan ahead will help reduce the stress. And you’ll be able to settle into enjoying the new chapter of your life that much sooner.

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Moving home services

If you’re dreading the disruption of moving home and needs some help, you don’t have to do it alone.

Take a look at our moving home services to help you unpack and set-up your new home in an organised, functional way that makes sense to you.


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